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Kathy-Ann Nobbs-Thiessen

I am an upbeat, energetic dancer who embraces her inner-goofball to get a good sweat on with her classes, letting go of stress through the joy of moving to uplifting music. In a typical class with me, you can expect a little bit of everything but because of my Jamaican roots, I especially love music that makes me ‘wine’ my hips, shimmy my shoulders, and pumps up the energy in the room so that everyone shouts out to the music together.

As a music teacher/musician, born into a musical family that is passionate about dancing and singing at parties, I have always felt connected when moving my body to music. When I tried my first Zumba® class in 2009 I was instantly hooked and quickly got my certification as a Zumba and group fitness instructor.

I am a BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Leader who has been a Zumba® instructor for 10 years, licensed to teach Zumba®, Zumba® Gold, and Zumba® Toning. I also have a masters degree in Music Education, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a Bachelor of Education which give me a unique approach to teaching Zumba®!

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