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Denise Galay

Zumba® for me is pure joy! I love a high-energy class that leaves you with that great endorphin high, and feeling of connection. I combine more than 15 years experience teaching and performing African, Brazilian and Latin dance, with a passion for music to create a dynamic, unforgettable fitness experience. I use easy to follow moves with all levels of modifications to make it fun for every body.

I started dance in my teens and went on to study all over the world, eventually touring extensively with a theatre dance company, before pursuing my fitness career. Dance has always been a big part of my life.

I am a BCRPA Supervisor of Fitness Leaders, and Personal Trainer. I have a Health and Fitness Certificate form Kinesiology at SFU, and am certified to teach Zumba, Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning.

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