Instructors : Denise Galay

Denise's Classes

Zumba® with ZV Crew - Tuesday 8:00 am
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Zumba® Gold - Tuesday 12:00 pm
Live Stream Via Zoom
Zumba® on Demand - Wednesday 8:00 am
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Zumba® Gold on Demand - Thursday 12:00 pm
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Zumba® with ZVCrew - Friday 8:00 am
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Zumba® on Demand - Saturday 8:00 am
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Zumba® - Saturday 10:00 am
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Zumba® on Demand - Sunday 8:00 am
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"ZUMBA® lets me just be me~ doing everything I enjoy. Whether teaching or staying in shape, ~fitness is a life choice~ so it's important to have a great time doing it. I get to lead people through a program of all the music and moves I love, and incorporate my fitness knowledge in a fun and exciting way...I love my job!"

I am known for my high-energy fitness classes which leave you feeling revitalized and ready for anything. I combine more than 15 years experience teaching and performing African, Brazilian, and Caribbean dance, with a passion for music to create a dynamic, unforgettable fitness experience.

I have worked as a DJ, hosted a world music radio show, and toured extensively for 10 years with a theatre dance company, Mortal Coil before pursuing my fitness career. After receiving my Personal training and Health and Fitness Certificate from SFU, I happened to stumble upon ZUMBA® which combines my passions seamlessly.