Instructors : Antonia Butti

Antonia's Classes

Zumba® with Antonia - Tuesday 8:00 am
On Demand Video Link
Zumba® - Thursday 12:00 pm
Coal Harbour Community Centre
Zumba® - Friday 10:00 am
Live Stream Via Zoom

I was born and raised in Lake Como, Italy. Dance has always been a part of my life, in various forms. I took my very first Zumba® class with Denise Galay in Vancouver in 2009. After the birth of my second child I was looking for a fun and effective workout to get back in shape. I loved it and I was hooked! I started taking classes with Luglio as well, and he mentored me as I made the shift from student to instructor in 2012. I am very passionate about teaching Zumba® for many different reasons.

First of all Zumba® in itself is the ideal makes you sweat while moving to the beat of great music, it makes you feel happy and connected to a wonderful and enthusiastic group of participants. In Latin there is an expression, MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Too bad they didn't have Zumba® back then, they would have absolutely enjoyed it!

Another reason is that I have always had an interest in Languages (I have a B.A. in Arts, Languages, I am a Certified Translator and I teach Italian for adults) and I believe that dancing is a very special way to express ourselves and to communicate. In other words, it is a language more powerful, immediate and poetic than one that uses words, and it can bring people together in a much faster way. I absolutely love teaching Zumba® because it is all of this. I look forward to seeing you in class. We will dance, sweat and laugh. All at the same time!

Antonia Joy